5 reasons why you should join UT’s AMA Chapter

By V. Scarlett Lopez

UT’s AMA chapter started out as a small group of students, and has grown to 40+ members. On-campus awareness has led to more student involvement. I’m guessing your question now is “Why should I join?”

Here are 5 reasons why you should join UT’s AMA Chapter:

  1. One step closer to the professional world.

We all know that “uni life” is a place where you learn, connect and grow as a professional, but it is also a bubble. Why are internships important? Internships, as well as being members for professional associations, give you a chance to step out of the “uni life” bubble and look at the real world. The real world is less scary if you graduate having an idea of how it works.

My advice is: join AMA!

  1. Meet amazing students and staff.

You will meet students with different backgrounds, majors, and years, but all with one common interest: marketing. Not only will you network, and hopefully meet lifetime friends, but you will also get to know UT staff and faculty involved with AMA

Did I mention how great our advisors are? You definitely want to meet Professor Beemer and Dr. Lunt!

  1. We are not your typical “eat pizza & pet cute puppies” group.

Trying to get involved on campus? We are not a club, we are an Association. Many students have a hard time finding the right on-campus group to get involved with. There are many groups out there to eat pizza & pet cute puppies with, but what about growing our professional side? UT’s AMA is driven to help students foster a professional atmosphere that will get them ready for the real world of marketing. We have many events, workshops, and tools throughout each semester that will help you become the star professional you aim to be.

  1. Learn from guest speakers.

It’s not the same to read a marketing book in class, than to actually listen to the experts at an event. A few speakers we have had the honor of bringing to the university include Laura Ruden from Chappell Roberts, marketing faculty such as Professor Beemer, Dr. Lundt and more. We keep our members in the loop when it comes to Tampa’s AMA chapter which offers monthly networking events, speakers, and other events that can strengthen your marketing character.

  1. Looks good on your resume.

      Why is this the last reason? Many students become desperate of joining on-campus groups because they just need a cool name to put on their resumes. Is this good or bad? Both. Of course, we all want to have great resumes, but is that it? The experiences on your resume should not only look good, but should have also made an impact on your professional career. Becoming a member of UT’s AMA is going to look really good on your resume, but will also help you network, learn, and grow as a professional.

Now that you know the top benefits of joining UT’s AMA chapter, come & see for yourself! Our weekly meetings are held at 6:00 PM on Wednesdays in Sykes College of Business room 131.

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