Google tightens YouTube rules to clean things up for advertisers

By Jori Ayers

Google is starting to make some major changes to the YouTube advertising rules in efforts to clean up things with advertisers. YouTube is enforcing strict rules when it comes to their advertisement policy for certain types of videos being posted. The site will introduce a new cross-check process for the top notch YouTubers and YouTube videos it offers advertisers. In this past year alone, YouTube has dealt with massive problems when they found out that advertisements were put next to shocking, violent and racist videos. As a new rule, Google will be advertising YouTube channels that have at the very least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours accumulated over a year.

This is an issue that definitely needs to be resolved. There are many incidents where ads are next to disturbing hate videos or other cruel videos, such as the popular Logan Paul video that has gotten a lot of attention. I believe that this will be a great policy for YouTube because it will ensure the advertisers will not be given a bad name just because someone has placed their ad on their video. Many people have either gotten away with or called out on their horrible videos having ads on them.

I hope that YouTube will stand by their word with this new restriction and pay attention to what people post. In addition to this new rule, they should also monitor what people post to the website. If they knew what people were posting and they saw how hateful the videos are, then YouTube wouldn’t have to hear the advertisers complain how their advertisements are next to those types of videos. With this new rule starting to take action, the staff will jump into action if they see anything like this on the website. Between this new rule being enforced and the staff on top of their game, we can all hope that this does work for the website, and these advertisers will no longer be represented by these upsetting videos that are being post to YouTube.


Let’s hope that, with this new rule, things start to change with YouTube for the better.


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