What is PCM?

By V. Scarlett Lopez

Congrats new members of AMA! By now, I’m sure you have met our members, advisors and board of directors. You are excited about this new journey, but have a couple of questions on what to expect this semester as a new member of UT’s AMA. Becoming an AMA member has many benefits (as you already know), but one important one is being able to do the PCM exam. What is PCM?

PCM stands for “Professional Certified Marketer.” This AMA exam helps you increase your skill set in the marketing field, as well as demonstrate you professional dedication to others. The main in-demand skill sets are strategy, planning, production, promotion and measurement. What does each category consist of? According to AMA’s website (www.ama.org):

  • Strategy—learn how to define and identify the business or organizational value of content marketing, transition your efforts to a digital landscape, and outline a roadmap to content marketing success beginning with goals and concluding with an actionable measurement system,


  • Planning—learn to plan your content by aligning your goals with appropriate audiences, channels and content forms. Learn how to develop an editorial production calendar, create and pitch a visual campaign, and produce webinars.


  • Production—learn to leverage content marketing in a variety of written, visual, and audio formats. Learn to improve your content headlines and marketing copy for maximum effectiveness.


  • Promotion—learn best practices on optimizing, distributing, and promoting your content. Generate targeted visibility and engagement through newsletters, social media, and off-page search engine optimization.


  • Measurement—learn to identify and measure key performance indicators (KPI), track performance (traffic, conversions, engagement) with Google Analytics and other platforms.


Lucky for you, AMA has partnered up with LinkedIn to create an AMA-approved Learning Path From Linked Learning to prepare you for the exam! The PCM exam is online, multiple choice, with a duration of 90 minutes and valid for three years.

Want to know more about the PCM exam? Go to:


What are some sample PCM questions? Go to:


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