Mars Puts $1.4 Billion-Plus Global Media Business in Review, Looks to Consolidate With One Agency

By Jori Ayers

Mars agency, a conglomerate with popular well-known brands like M&M’s, Snickers, and Pedigree, looks to combine its global media business with one agency.  The three agencies that the company currently works for are MediaCom, Starcom, and Omnicom’s OMD. This is a 1.4 billion plus global media business that’s in review.

Since 2014, MediaCom has taken care of all of the global media for Mars and the majority of the local buying duties consumed with Starcom. The remaining local buying assignment that were not given to Starcom were split between MediaCom and OMD. Now Mars is looking into partnering with one single global partner to handle all it’s planning and buying responsibilities. This review is estimated to wrap up in 2019. Continuing this process with one global partner, the three agencies MediaCom, Staircom and OMD will continue their respected partnerships with Mars. MediaCom has responded with their excitements towards the new change, but Starcom and OMD have not responded to the new change.

It might be a good change to start working with a single partner rather than multiple partners. Since everything is split between all the partners, it may be hard trying to get information back to Mars. It’s just like working in a group project. You may always have that one person who does all the work, the one person who doesn’t do anything or maybe even that person who can never submit their work on-time. Maybe they might be having a certain problem. Maybe they wanted to make things easier on themselves and switch to a single partner. I think this will be a good change for Mars as well as it not dividing their attention on many other companies.


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