Your career development: Freshman vs Senior

By V. Scarlett Lopez

Let’s talk about resumes. How is your resume looking? The answer to this question depends on many different factors, one of them being your college year. As I once said to a friend, your one-page resume “should be blank in your first semester and in need of a second page in your last semester.” We all are aware of the resume debate of “don’t tell students it should only be one page” and “employers will not look at you resume if it is more than a page.” For now, let’s just focus on the content of your resume.


  1. Don’t wait for that homework assignment You will always have a class in which you are required to hand in your resume as a homework assignment. Why wait until then? Find some extra time on a weekend to brainstorm ideas and start writing it!
  2. Keep. Updating. I cannot recall how many times I have updated my resume during the last year. You should add more activities, check spelling or modify the wording. Continuously polishing your resume is a must!
  3. Give yourself credit. No matter what you did, you made an impact. Let the employer know how you helped, but most importantly, what skills you acquired with that job, internship or on-campus activity. Never be shy on what you have accomplished.

If you are a freshman, do not worry if you don’t have a resume yet! Most of my resume activities were done after my sophomore year, so don’t feel like you are wasting time. Although, keep in mind that you should at least be thinking of what activities you would like to get involved with throughout your following years at the University. We all want to see you thrive as a successful marketer!

In my personal experience, I went from taking only four classes on my first semester at UT, to becoming a member of two on-campus professional associations (becoming President of one), working 15+ hours a week and taking three classes on my last semester. All this, while submitting my resume & attending interviews to find a job after graduation.

Yes, you will have less free time as you get closer to your senior year, BUT YOU ARE GROWING YOUR CAREER! Remember that becoming a successful professional begins with the small things. As long as you stay active, your resume will look great.

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