Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2018

By Marcelle Smith

The field of marketing is growing and developing each day. In all areas of marketing, technology has not stopped improving and is becoming more prominent. Year-to-year advancements bring new changes. As marketers, it is tremendously important to be up to date with modern trends. Therefore, we must consider the significance and frequency of digital marketing as a rising aspect. Digital marketing could potentially be one of the biggest avenues as a means of promoting goods and services, and the possibilities for growth must be explored.

According to Parveen Singhal, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer at WittyFeed (an internet media and viral content company based in Indore, India), “As of now, 52,625 GB of Internet traffic is being consumed every second and is undoubtedly increasing with each passing moment”. This is proof that the world as we know it is continuing to go digital, and people may be more inclined to communicate, interact and shop digitally.

This brings interesting and innovative ways to enhance your digital marketing tactics and make the most of ongoing trends. Singhal explains how the presence of advertisements through live video and images, makes for a lasting impression on active participants in the online community of the Internet.

From live videos to enhanced graphics and ensuring the presence of social media analytics, the possibilities of success through digital marketing for your organization in 2018 are limitless. Read more about the digital marketing trends that could dominate 2018 here:

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