Storytelling: A Way to Connect

By Maria Valentina Sansur

We all have witnessed an amazing presentation made by someone in our speech class, but what makes him or her stand out from the rest? It’s the way they decide to organize their ideas and narrate their story that makes them a great speaker. How a story is told is more important than who is telling the story. For instance, during a trial, if a defendant’s side of the story is more compelling than the plaintiff’s, he is more likely to get his freedom, even if he did commit the crime.

Every story needs an audience. Companies must research and select an audience based on their topic of interest to better connect with them. The values and norms of an audience need to be taken into account to achieve good results. After that, the magic begins! The organization has to decide how they will narrate their story based on the desired response. Be original. Every company has their own storytelling style. For instance, a company can switch the narrative to focus on their customers and telling their story instead. By making the customers the main characters of the narrative, they may feel more of a connection to the company. Companies generally have the same product, service and sometimes the same story. There are multiple ways of telling a story. “I walked down the street and found a $100 bill, which I decided to pick up” is different from “Suddenly, something caught my attention. A $100 dollar bill was screaming my name begging for me to pick it up”. Finding new and more creative ways of telling the same story will continue to engage customers with the same products.


Stories can change the way we think about and perceive the world. Great stories are never forgotten. No wonder our moms use tales like The Hare and the Tortoise or The Boy who Cried Wolf, rather than just lecturing about the concepts like consistency or honesty. This is what marketing is: storytelling. In business, everything is a story; make it one worth listening to!


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