Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2018

By Marcelle Smith

The field of marketing is growing and developing each day. In all areas of marketing, technology has not stopped improving and is becoming more prominent. Year-to-year advancements bring new changes. As marketers, it is tremendously important to be up to date with modern trends. Therefore, we must consider the significance and frequency of digital marketing as a rising aspect. Digital marketing could potentially be one of the biggest avenues as a means of promoting goods and services, and the possibilities for growth must be explored. (more…)

Customer Care: the most Powerful Marketing Engine

By Maria Valentina Sansur 

Marketers’ primary focus is catching the attention of a specific audience. However, the most difficult part is actually retaining their interest, which is where customer satisfaction comes in. Having the customer’s approval is the smear of your bagel. Customers are the forefront of any marketing strategy. If we do not exceed customers’ expectations, they simply would not repeat the business, or at least not with you. Satisfactory services give incentive to recurring business that establishes a strong customer loyalty. (more…)